Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time Together

 News Flash: Marriage is hard. Marriage takes work. Especially once children enter the picture. I'm always shocked when I hear of people having a baby to try and save their marriage. Although at times watching the man you love with your baby just about makes your heart close to bursting, there are also times when he sleeps through the 3 am feeding and you want to smother him with a pillow. But after diaper changes, doctor's appointments, picky eaters, and potty training, it's so easy to let a marriage relationship fall by the wayside. Time together without the kids is so valuable. This hasn't always been easy for Kyle and I. Once we finally got our babies, we wanted to hold them close and never let go. that our sweet babies are 3, sometimes I have to stop myself from asking strangers in Target if they would like to take them home for a few hours...just long enough for me to make a Hobby Lobby run. We are so blessed to have two sets of parents who believe in the importance of us spending time alone together. They make it a priority to take our kids how ever much we need, in order for us to get away (although, I don't know if it's more about Kyle and I spending time together or them spending time with the grandkids.) :)
During our trip to MN this summer, Kyle and I were able to get away for an over night, belated anniversary trip. He took me to the North Shore. I immediately fell in love with this part of the country. I've always thought I couldn't love any place more than the ocean, but the North Shore runs a super close second.

Such a cool restaurant we ate at in Duluth Harbor.

Light House Keepers houses just like they were in the 1920's.

Such a beautiful view.

Lighthouse Keeper

Our hike down to the water

So close the Canada!

Our Bed and Breakfast. We stayed in the Winter Room.

Fire on the beach

Story Book Lodge

Rock work done by Kyle's Grandfather

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Can't wait until our next getaway!

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